NYC Jesuit Volunteer Community 2018-19
NYC Jesuit Volunteer Community 2018-19

2019 Orientation

Orientation is an annual gathering for incoming Jesuit Volunteers and members of the JVC community to come together in celebration and exploration of our four core values.

Ways to Help

Each year, former Jesuit Volunteers and friends of JVC offer their time, financial support and talents to the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Many of our supporters accompany volunteers locally; however, there are often ways to contribute during Formation Retreats too! 

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Events for Alumni and Friends of JVC

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Sunday Mass

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Commissioning Mass

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Board and Donor Dinner

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International JV Sendoff

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Laura Strubeck, FJV and regional manager on JVC staff

Laura Strubeck †*

Interim Director of Programs

Laura is responsible for providing strategic and operational oversight for the formation and service program. She served two years as a JV during the 2008-2010 program years. In her first year, Laura served at Sarah House, a hospital hospitality house in Syracuse, NY followed by her additional year with San Diego Youth Services in San Diego, CA.

Joan Hogan Gillman *

Tom Chabolla JVC President staff headshot

Tom Chabolla *


As president, Tom is responsible for setting and implementing the goals and direction of the organization. He is a longtime fan of JVC, with plenty of friends and family having served as Jesuit Volunteers. He and his wife Carolyn are proud former support people for the Santa Monica house in the 1980's.

Tom Nailor †

Philadelphia and Camden In-City Coordinator

Learn More About Orientation

Starting in 2018, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps announced that it would host an integrated orientation for all domestic and international Jesuit Volunteers.

An integrated orientation furthers the organization’s mission of forming leaders committed to faith in action, while preparing them to engage in vital service within marginalized communities.

By integrating all future orientations, JVC will:
-Provide high-quality, consistent formation and training for all Jesuit Volunteers, fully preparing our volunteers to perform vital service regardless of location, target population, or type of work;

-Allow JVs to build community and collaborate with the full cohort of volunteers,across the regional and domestic-international divide, fostering solidarity, learning, and mutual understanding among a larger and more diverse pool ofyoung leaders;

-Attract high-quality speakers and facilitators from across the country to share knowledge,expertise, and reflection with every incoming volunteer; and

-Provide opportunities for both large and small group reflection, and convene spaces for volunteers with similar placements, affinities, and identities.

Further, JVC will maintain key components of its formation program by:
-Continuing to operate the remainder of its retreat schedule in smaller groups spread out across the country and within international placement sites;

-Continuing to utilize familiar retreat spaces that allow for deep reflection and immersion in the four values;

-Ensuring each JV house receives a local orientation to its city, agencies, support system, and FJV community;

-Providing an extended orientation for volunteers with international placements.

JVC looks forward to this important step in its ongoing effort to create One JVC: an organization that seamlessly, consistently, and professionally supports its volunteers, agency partners, and the communities they serve. 


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Nico Moore and Taylor Caron - Casa Martin Luther King Jr., San Francisco, CA embrace in a sign of peace at commissioning mass. (2017)