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Organizations working at the front lines of social justice need volunteers as courageous and committed as they are. That’s where the Jesuit Volunteer Corps comes in. We place young leaders looking to take on the world’s toughest challenges with organizations like yours.

Jesuit Volunteers live in one of 48 intentional volunteer communities across six countries with anywhere from three to eight other Jesuit Volunteers in our program. They serve organizations that work directly with the marginalized within one of 200 agency partners.Our volunteers are the doers. The darers. The carers. The ones who will spend a year or two living and working with those in need – your clients – to help fulfill your mission of a more just and hopeful world.

To apply for a Jesuit Volunteer to serve at your organization, you’ll need to create an account and complete an application by November 21, 2018. Our application includes an 1) Eligibility Form 2) Placement Details 3) Job Description 4) Documentation of financial standing 5) Terms and Conditions. If you are requesting more than one volunteer, a new application will need to be completed for each volunteer request.

To start your application, please visit our online application portal, which opens on October 15, 2018, and register as an organization. We will be accepting applications until November 21, 2018 and will inform organizations of their status by late January of 2019.

If you have additional questions, contact the Admissions team at 
admissions@jesuitvolunteers.org or by calling us at 410-244-1733.


Application Timeline: Becoming an Agency Partner

October – November: Apply for a Jesuit Volunteer

-The agency application is available on October 15, 2018. The deadline for agencies in the U.S. is November 21, 2018. The deadline for international agencies is December 15, 2018. To access our online application click here:


-You will need to register for an organizational account on SurveyMonkey Apply. This will allow you to add collaborators from across your organization to aid in the completion of your application. More information on creating an organization account found here:


-Existing individual accounts can be easily converted to organization accounts following the instructions here:


January: JVC staff review your application

JVC staff will review applications and will let you know if your position has been approved, waitlisted, or declined by January 25, 2019.

February – March: Training and Interviews

-Approved agencies will be trained on using our application portal to view applicant materials and provide post-interview feedback.
-Approved agencies will be assigned applicants to interview starting February 25, 2019. Agencies must complete all interviews and provide feedback by March 15, 2019.

April: Jesuit Volunteers are placed

-If your position is not filled in our first round, we will continue to assign applicants for you to interview on a rolling basis.
-Rolling applications from prospective volunteers will be accepted until May 10, 2019 and interviews will continue until June 14, 2019.
-Any agencies on our wait list will receive communication to provide an update about filling your position.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for new agency partners?

JVC requires staff to visit any prospective agency partners. Once you complete an application, JVC staff will contact you to schedule a visit.

What will be the annual cost of a Jesuit Volunteer?

Financial responsibilities vary regionally based upon local housing markets and cost of living.

Placement sites are responsible for a screening and placement fee and the yearly assessment fee. In addition, agencies are responsible for the cost of volunteer transportation to and from work during the program year. In the U.S., these costs can total between $12,000 – $21,000.

Please contact Admissions staff (admissions@jesuitvolunteers.org) for the fees associated with hosting a Jesuit Volunteer in your city.

How is having a Jesuit Volunteer affected by minimum wage laws?

The volunteer stipend is less than minimum wage, which is fully acceptable by law. The minimum wage law, by establishing a reasonably just and fair income, is intended to stop competition by companies paying less than minimum wage, as well as unfair competition for jobs caused by those willing to work for less.

The purpose of JVC is not to encourage unfair competition or to deprive anyone of the opportunity to work. JVC’s purpose is to serve others by helping agencies do good work and to provide JVs the opportunity to work for justice and develop spiritually.

A JV should not replace an employee earning the minimum wage or more. A JV should also not be used to fill a position that would normally be filled by a regular employee if the JV were not available.

What are the agency administrator's responsibilities during an area visit?

The person at a placement site responsible for the relationship with JVC—typically the JV’s supervisor and/or the JVC administrator—meets with the JV’s in-city coordinator or program coordinator during area visits, which take place once or twice a year.

During these visits, the program coordinator evaluates the progress of the JV, at work and in the community, and gauges the development and suitability of the position for JVC.

Administrators and/or supervisors are also asked to complete evaluation forms to be shared with the JVs and reviewed by JVC staff.

What is the housing like for Jesuit Volunteers?

Housing should be simple and is traditionally located in a lower-income neighborhood to provide opportunities for the JVs to live in solidarity with the people they serve.

Residences should have adequate bedrooms and communal living space for the expected number of JVs. They should be readily accessible to placement sites, the transit system (where applicable), a shopping district, and other resources. Housing should be ready for occupancy (furnished, with utilities in service) when the JVs arrive at the beginning of their year of service.

In locations where a JVC community is already established, it is assumed that housing will not change unless the JVC staff—in consultation with current JVs and agency administrators—determines that a move is necessary.

What does the JVC program require regarding agency participation?

The agency needs to share in the spirit of the JVC program, cooperating in good faith with the JV and JVC, especially in the case of conflict between the JV and the agency.

Work time should not inhibit the JV’s ability to participate in their community, which includes time for evening meals and weekly community gatherings. Agencies are required to allow JVs time away from work to attend every retreat in the JVC program calendar. This time away from work is not to be considered vacation, holiday, or compensatory time.

Agencies and/or JVC staff collaborate to organize a local orientation for the JVs. This includes a welcoming social gathering and tour of the city, including the locations of each placement site and local sites like churches, the library, the post office, parks and recreational areas, etc.

What is the selection criteria for agency partners?

These criteria are a tool used by JVC staff to encourage the objective evaluation of applicant agencies. JVC evaluates its placements annually, and most agencies reapply for a Jesuit Volunteer each year. Decisions regarding placement of volunteers are based on the written proposal, the proposed job description, and a site visit by a member of the JVC staff. Where applicable, previous association with the organization and the volunteers’ evaluations of it are considered. Other factors include the total number of volunteers JVC can place in a city and the number of volunteers JVC can accommodate, keeping in mind staff and funding limitations.

In addition to the above, final placement selection for potential JVC cities will be contingent upon successfully fulfilling other requirements needed to open a new community. These requirements include a strong support network, comprised of Former Jesuit Volunteers, Jesuits, and collaborating agencies, as well as housing for the volunteer community

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) supports organizations, agencies and schools that are engaged in vital service to the poor and marginalized.

Preference is given to agency partners that address the most pressing and neglected needs of the community they serve. Prospective agency partners are to follow the following criteria:

The Organization, Agency or School
1. Serves poor, low-income, and marginalized people
2. Strives toward changing unjust social structures
3. Recruits and employs staff and volunteers without regard to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, national origin, age, physical disability or socioeconomic status
4. Needs support in retaining full-time staff capacity
5. Understands and supports the mission of JVC

Volunteer Position
1. The Jesuit Volunteer will provide 75% of their time in direct contact with the population being served and is an integral part of the organization
2. Receive clearly-defined and outlines a written job description that accurately states the tasks and responsibilities of the volunteer experience
3. Receives excellent training, supervision and support
4. Allows the volunteer to participate fully in their intentional JVC community responsibilities
6. Does not require excessive night and weekend work (1 night/week or 1 weekend/month)

Where does JVC place Jesuit Volunteers?

International Locations
-Belize City, Belize
-Punta Gorda, Belize
-Santiago de Chile, Chile
-Pohnpei, Micronesia
-Tacna, Peru
-Dodoma, Tanzania
-Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Domestic Locations
-Albuquerque, New Mexico
-Atlanta, Georgia
-Austin, Texas
-Baltimore, Maryland
-Berkeley, California
-Boston, Massachusetts
-Camden, New Jersey
-Chicago, Illonois
-Cleveland, Ohio
-Detroit, Michigan
-Houston, Texas
-Kansas City, Missouri
-Los Angeles, California
-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
-Mobile, Alabama
-Nashville, Tennessee
-New Orleans, Louisiana
-Brooklyn, New York
-Harlem, New York
-Newark, New Jersey
-Oakland, California
-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Phoenix, Arizona
-Portland, Maine
-Raleigh, North Carolina
-Sacramento, California
-San Antonio, Texas
-San Diego, California
-San Francisco, California
-San Jose, California
-Santa Clara, California
-Scranton, Pennsylvania
-St. Francis, South Dakota
-St. Louis, Detroit
-Syracuse, New York
-Tucson, Arizona
-Twin Cities
-Washington DC.

Are you interested in being an Agency Partner?

Jesuit Volunteers take on some of the world’s most uncomfortable challenges, bringing integrity, faith, and unflinching resolve to their daily work. Apply today to bring on a courageous, committed JV to help your organization fulfill its mission.