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Partnership with UPenn Fels Institute provides scholarships to FJVs

Pictured above: Joe Hejlek (New Orleans 09 and Fels MPA Candidate ’17) with senators Elizabeth Warren and Bob Casey (Philadelphia 82).

The Fels Institute of Government is pleased to announce the newest admissions partnership with the JVC. This partnership will allow current and former JVs to waive the Fels application fee and would guarantee an $8000 yearly scholarship to any JVC matriculants. JVC Recruitment Manager Kevin Breen says, “We are thrilled about our scholarship agreement with the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government. Partnerships like these demonstrate how valuable our Jesuit Volunteers are to the communities they enter after their years of service. Whether they return to the classroom, enter the workplace, or move to a new city, Jesuit Volunteers bring their collective passion for vital service wherever they go.”

A Master’s of Public Administration is an organic transition for those who have completed a year of service, because the degree equips students with practical skills to create meaningful change. A Fels MPA prepares students with the knowledge to understand the context of the political landscape, the tools to analyze programs and data, and the leadership experience to put insight into practice to effect change.

The partnership between JVC and Fels is a natural fit, as many former JVs have earned their MPA through the school. Joe Hejlek, New Orleans 09, is a current full time student at Fels and interned with the School District of Philadelphia over the summer. Of his experience Joe shared, “Through JVC, I formed genuine relationships with people on the margins. At Fels, I’m gaining the tools to make structural changes that will make those individuals’ lives better. Having been a JV means having an understanding that ‘issues’ aren’t just numbers and words on a page—they involve real people with unique, complex, messy lives.”

For more information on Fels programs and how to apply, visit their admissions pages or call 215-746-3700 to speak to Director of Admissions and Graduate Studies Dr. Joshua Power.

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