Jesuit Volunteer Corps Orientation 2018 with all volunteers entering to serve with JVC in 6 countries.
Jesuit Volunteer Corps Orientation 2018 with all volunteers entering to serve with JVC in 6 countries.

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Black lives matter graphic

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JVC Stands With You Against the Structures of Racism

Tanzania ReO/DisO 2019

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Important COVID-19 Update #2 from JVC

Tanzania ReOrientation/DisOrientation 2019

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Important COVID-19 Update From JVC

Gloria McDowell, director of programs addresses the new cohort of volunteers. (2018)

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In-City Coordinators Provide Unprecedented Support to Volunteers

Jesuit Volunteers stand up at 2018 Orientation at Loyola University Chicago when their community house names are called out in celebration of the year ahead. (2018)

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One Orientation: Bringing Corps Members Together Fostering Community from the Start Helps Build ‘One JVC’

Managua, Nicaragua Jesuit Volunteers prior to JV community house closure in 2017 due to civil unrest in the country. JVC Nicaragua exploring the roof of Basilica de la Asunción in Leon. Pictured left to right is Glendys Orellana (2016-18), Rachel Schwarz (2017-19), Paola Joaquin Rosso (2017-19), and Luvy Martinez, a friend and coworker. Photograph taken by a passerby.

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Fall 2018 Magazine: Message from Leadership

Nico Moore and Taylor Caron - Casa Martin Luther King Jr., San Francisco, CA embrace in a sign of peace at commissioning mass. (2017)

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JVC Pilots an Updated Formation Program

Tom Chabolla JVC President staff headshot

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Meet Tom Chabolla, JVC’s New President: JVC is proud to welcome Tom at the helm of the organization starting November 1

Casa Celina Ramos of San Diego travels to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate bridge (2014)


Curious About Living in a Jesuit Volunteer Community


How to Prepare for Your JVC Interview